Medical and Dental Appointmets

For your first appointment you must decide which center you would like to go to—Temperance, Carleton, Monroe, Adrian, or Southgate. Also, you should try to determine which provider you would like to see. Once you have made your decisions you should have available:

Insurance information

Social Security Number

Date of Birth


 To SCHEDULE or CANCEL your appointment, please call:

(734) 654-2169 (Temperance - Medical)  734-847-9829 (Temperance - Dental)
(734) 654-2169 (Carleton) 
(734) 654-2169 (Monroe) 
(517) 263-1800 (Adrian) 

(743) 654-2169 (Southgate)

Call us today on 1-734-654-2169

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